xxxIn the fall of 1887 W.S. (Deak) Fisher, who owned the land on which Wauneta was to be built, had the townsite surveyed and platted into 18 blocks — seven on the east side, and eleven on the west side of what was to become Tecumseh Ave., Wauneta’s main street. Some of the lots of the town were transferred to the Lincoln Land Co. for development purposes.
xxxWauneta had a general store as early as the summer of 1886, the McNaul & Wisner store. the first issue of the Breeze came off the press on June 17, 1886. A post office was established on June 19, 1887, with Lyman Rowley, the postmaster. Wauneta soon had a drug store, hotel, livery stable, blacksmith shop and many other businesses for a new town of that day.
xxxWauneta’s first flour mill was built in 1887 by Mr. Blair and D.E. Polly. It was located on the east side of the falls. Nelson Burham and sons, Frank, James and John, and son-in-law Frank Lorance were the carpenters. It was ready for business in the fall of 1887. Power to operate the mill was furnished by a turbine water wheel.
xxxThe mill was destroyed by fire in 1905, and was rebuilt and ready for operation in 1907. George Theobald, Gordon and H.E. Athey were the owners having purchased the site from Polly and Blair.
xxxThe coming of the railroad Jan. 28, 1892, soon put the town on the map and many new businesses were established. Wauneta was the terminal of the railroad for about one year. John Hann, editor of the Breeze, in an early 1887 issue said: “Wauneta is located on the Frenchman River beside the beautiful falls of the river between two of the best divides in Nebraska and is bound to become a prosperous town.” — Chester Stock.
xxxGeo. W. Rowley followed Lyman Rowley as postmaster July 27, 1877. James Cooper became postmaster Nov. 7, 1878, and the office was discontinued and the mail sent to Estelle Oct. 19, 1882.
xxxThe office was again established in Wauneta Aug. 27, 1886 with Charles A. Fisher as postmaster.

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