Information compiled and written by Mrs. Leroy Mather

xxxOld Enders was named for Peter Enders, and located two miles east of the present Enders near the Frenchman River. It was platted in 1890, and had a switch yard, and a District 41 school house. Mr. Geo. W. Brown, father of Clyde Brown, helped move old Enders to the present site. The dedication deed for New Enders is dated in 1908. The first church was Pioneer Church, which is the present Church of the Brethren. Geo. Brown was first postmaster at New Enders, and had a store in conjunction with the post office. Three generations of Mr. Brown’s family have served as postmaster at different times, his son Clyde Brown and the son of Clyde, Hubert Brown. There was a feed store at the new site before the school was moved. The move was made to get out of the hills.
Enders Post Office was established Aug. 26, 1890, with Wm. A. Reid as postmaster. Nov. 6, 1893 the office was discontinued and the mail sent to Wauneta. It was re-established Sept. 25, 1907, with Geo. W. Brown as postmaster.

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