Information compiled and written by Anoma Hoffmeister

xxxChampion was originally called Hamilton, it is not known for who the town was named. They had a newspaper “The Hamilton Herald” published by J.S. Shoemaker. The first issue of the paper was dated Jan. 6, 1886. There are copies of the Hamilton Herald on file in the Imperial Republican Office, and they are a valuable sourse of history. The Hamilton post office was established March 4, 1887.
xxxHamilton was one of the contestants for the county seat. At the June 24, 1886, election, Hamilton, Imperial, and Eldridge were voted upon. Hamilton lost out in the election. J.I. Moseberger of Hamilton served on the first county board. The first county fair was held southeast of the W.L. Davidson homestead in Sept. 1886. They had a race track not excelled in the state and the horses in the races made good time, said the editor.
xxxThe post office became Champion May 26, 1887. The Bonner Hotel owned by Charles Bonner is now the home of Walter Gibb.The Clint Goddard home which was formerly a two story building was the Davis Hotel. Mrs. Pauline Smith, who was five years old when her father came to the county in 1886, said Mr. Mead had a lumberyard, Mat Cunningham had a general store, and Silas Warren Kelly was editor of the Chase County Champion. A Dr. Albert M. Lyman lived near the mill.
xxxThe Lakeview cemetary was organized in 1889, and its records were maintained by Cap Hayes. He gave pertinent information about the deceased. Johnnie Roller, 15, fell from a horse catching his foot in a stirrup and was dragged to death; a Charles Hancock was killed by being thrown from a buggy; a hugh hill was killed whe he fell from a load of freight 7 miles north of Benkelman. Some of the funerals were held in school houses.
xxxIn May 1886, the Hamilton Herald reported, “Hamilton is situated on the Frenchman River. A more picturesque place, on a finer stream of water, and in a better section of the county, cannot be found”.

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